1. Ozium Air Fresheners

    Source: Youtube.com
    It’s the time to get rid of all those irritating smells instantly, with the Ozium Air Fresheners. Not all the people will love the smell of this car’s secret, but damn luckily is so soothing smell that there will hardly anyone will say yukk or a headache to this smell and moreover it is easy to fix. Get it from Amazon for $8.95.

  2. Fix a Flat Tire

    Source: Amazon.com

    Now easily seal your flat tire at any place and at any time with a can of Fix a Flat tire. Attach this can’s hose to your flat tire and see the magic happening. Buy a pack of two from Amazon for $17.79.

  3. Tekton’s Digital Tire Gauge

    Source: bestadvisor.com

    Want to know your tire pressure use Tekton’s Digital Tire Gauge, it will help you to measure the pressure inside your tire. Late-night riders get a benefit from its light up screen and nozzle, which makes every other gauge seem useless. Amazon price for this is $10.16.

  4. WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion

    Source: legendaryspeed.com

    The super soft durable gel which moulds and adjusts to your behind, transforming your driver’s seat into a cloud of amazing comfort. Buy on eBay for $78.

  5. iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

    Source: lesterchan.net

    Some dashboard mounts can be a bit of a chore to get your smartphone in the mount. But iOttie’s Easy One Touch 2 makes it easy, simplifying the process with a one-touch release mechanism. Buy on eBay for $24.95.

  6. Antigravity Battery

    Source: superstreetonline.com

    A portable device that can be used to jump-start your car and also power your phone. It comes packed with USB cables, jumper cables and even a laptop cable. Buy on eBay.

  7. MPOW Streambot FM Transmitter

    Source: www.cnet.com

    An accessory to grant your car Bluetooth superpowers enabling you to play music from your phone and take calls without the hassle of installing other gadgets. Buy on eBay.

  8. Cabeau Travel Evolution Pillow

    Source: lifehacker.com

    A premium memory foam neck pillow to make the long road trips a bit easier as it helps relax your neck muscles with the heat it retains. With a media pouch, neck support and unique patented design it only takes one time using it to understand why people are calling this the best neck pillow in the world.

  9. High Road’s Leakproof Litter Basket

    Source: talusproducts.com

    It has one large pocket for storing trash and one side pocket for storing keep-worthy items, such as bottles of hand sanitizer or tissues that you don’t want rattling around on the floorboard. Easily available on Amazon at Price: $17.99.