The BMW commands respect on the road. If there is a car with that brand logo, it draws the eye and creates that niggling sting of envy among others. BMW owners and aspiring owners will identify with some or all of these:

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BMW knows what you want

BMW always knows what people want before people know it themselves! Faster, better, more advanced, high performance vehicles that leave the competition in the shade.

Loving your car

You probably know one of these ardent admirers /brand loyalists. Maybe you are one.

Announcing your arrival

Apart from that distinctive and powerful, throaty growl a Bimmer doesn’t make much noise – either literally or figuratively. It quietly announces that you have arrived – literally and figuratively

It’s also about empowerment

It isn’t just about powerful men but also about powerful women! Sitting behind the wheel of a car that powerful, that advanced makes one feel strong and powerful!


This is the brand for the seeker of success, the ambitious woman (or man) who knows they’re going places.

This song!

The styling of the cars, the beautiful lines and that presence-announcing grille! Is it any wonder that so many think this is a song about their BMW?

BMW Understands

This quote from Chris Bangle, chief designer for the BMW group reveals a rare insight into the minds and the hearts of BMW owners.

The thrill of the ride

It is about more than just driving a beautiful, advanced, comfortable, luxurious car. It is also about the quiet satisfaction of knowing that you can afford the best; that your position in life allows you the choice of not having to stint or to limit yourself in any way. In sense, you do buy yourself a slice of pure happiness when you buy a car that is also a BMW.

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