The BMW X5 is desirable for a lot of reasons; not least because of the larger size, refined styling and the humongous boot space which makes it the ideal travel companion as well as a smart city car. Here are some details about this magnificent beast to help you make up your mind:

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The X5 is a bit longer and significantly wider. It is also a shade higher and has an increased wheelbase than its predecessors.

Classic styling gets a modern tweak

While they haven’t messed with the classic BMW styling much, there is a bit more muscle to this SUV and upward curve towards the tail-lights is a sort of a departure from the norm. The characteristic kidney shaped grille is bigger and the wraparound headlamp cluster with laser light and blue X elements looks stylish and advanced.

Built for anything

The luxurious interiors and the intuitively created, high quality of the instrument panel are geared towards ease of travel and navigation. The twin axle air suspension makes it possible to adjust the ride height to your liking. 650 expandable to 1870 litres of boot space means that you never have to travel light if you don’t want to!

Array of options

Right now, the BMW X5 comes in two petrol and two diesel variants. The diesel variant is launched in India; the petrol version follows later this year. There is a plug in hybrid launch promised for next year.  The 3 litre engine goes from 1 to 100 in 6.5 seconds. The 8 speed gear box sports mode works effortlessly for when you need a quicker response.

Boss of every road – or no road

This is the car that invites you to ‘boss every road’; equally it encourages you to off-road in style. The adaptive suspension of the vehicle glides easily and effortlessly over difficult terrain as well and the multi terrain modes let you handle gravel, snow, sand or rock with ease. There is a front view camera and adjustable clearance that makes off-roading safer and more comfortable.

Effortlessly adaptable

This is the car for those who want to work hard but want to enjoy the fruits of their labour as well. This is the vehicle for those who want to arrive at office in style but who also take off for a solitary weekend in the wild spontaneously. It is the ideal car for those who want to be able to transition effortlessly from work to play; who understand the importance of making the time to make enduring memories while they succeed at work.


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