Ammm actually confusing what to buy, KTM RC 390 or Duke 39, what makes more sense, Is there any actual difference between the two?

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Few days are left in the launch of KTM RC 390 and about a year ago the launch of Duke 390 has changed the industry of two wheels vehicle. Ridiculous power at an attractive price tag that is clubbed with vast revolutionary features such as informative console, standard ABS, Metzeler rubber has forced other bike manufacturers to change their bike features.

RC 390 I am pretty sure it will be a Daytona for poor people but a lot of people are confused what to buy, which is the better option KTM RC 390 or Duke 390?  Although, it is your personal choice and totally depends on your riding styles still we will discuss few pointers that help you to choose best among them.

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As far as tourers are concerned my personal choice is better to stick to Duke. Although both of them are isn’t marketed as a tourer but Duke 390 a mad pocket launcher doesn’t want to stop. People take it Leh and Ladakh like hill stations. Duke is unstoppable much that is born to run on highways and of course yes not for crowded streets.

Here are few points that will make you understand why not to choose KTM RC 390 as an option for touring:

  • The fuel tank is very small i.e. only have a 10-litre capacity.
  • Sporty riding position that is not comfortable for a long run.
  • The front suspension is very less.
  • Rear seat is too high and small
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I believe KTM RC 390 will provide better time. Its looks justify its capability.

Here is a list of points that justify the same:

  • Steering angle is less than that of Duke.
  • The riding position is race inspired.
  • Wheelbase is less
  • 8.5mm more ground clearance than Duke.
  • 8kgs heavy than duke
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As per my choice, I think Duke 390 will be the smart choice. Tall gears, heavy clutch and wide handlebars are the excellent options in crowded place.

Few reasons why Duke should be preferred over KTM are:

  • RC comprises of dual headlamps equipped with DRLs which is actually helpful on our dark and dingy streets.
  • Ultra slim profile makes it best choice to filter through traffic.
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Both of them are smart choices, it depends on your style and hobbies what you opt for.