Aprilia has reintroduced its RSV4, presenting the RR ABS as its base model and RF ABS as an upgraded model. The manufacturer’s from Noale, Italy, launched the bike at one of our favourite race tracks—Circuit of the Americas in Austin. The high-end RF gets Öhlins suspension along with forged wheels, and great looking Superpole graphics.

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Priced at $22,999, the 2017 Aprilia RSV4 RF ABS is far more costly than its base RR version. It is purely a racing bike, I would go with the RF. However, the RR is more than enough bike for not so professional racers. The RF’s upgraded suspension and wheels are noticeable when riding the RR and RF models back-to-back. The RF was quicker to run through the tight transitions from right-left-right at COTA’s eases (turns 3-6).

Source: rideapart.com

Small but effective changes to the tank’s design and shape have enabled Aprilia to accommodate the re-located inertial platform. You would not be able to see them. But in all ways, the 2017 model looks more or less exactly like its predecessor, which was upgraded with a redesigned front fairing for 2016.

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Further below you’ll find a set of 10 mm larger and 5mm thicker 330mm front brake discs. Standard are Brembo M50 monoblock callipers and on the RF model, both Öhlins pieces are designated to as “latest-generation.” Also on the Aprilia RSV4 RF, Aprilia has upgraded the rear shock linkage to improve and increase the reaction time of the shock, which genuinely, you’d probably need to be a World Superbike rider to experience.

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In addition to this, there are also new switches for 2017. Do notice the addition of a PIT (pit speed limiter) button and cruise control which is a living proof that the RSV4 is somewhat more like a track weapon and street bike all encapsulated in one. The RSV4’s 65-degree, 999.6cc V4 power plant produces 201 HP and 84.8 ft/lbs of torque but is heavily recalculated to reduce friction, which helps free revving.

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Romano Albesiano the Racing Technical Manager of Aprillia, said that the engine of 2018 model has a lot lighter pistons, an improved ECU and redesigned connecting rods brings the redline to 13,000 rpm that is 300 more than the previous V4. The power delivery of the previous version is completely linear across the reverse range. This allowed us to short shift in the tighter sections at COTA. Aprilia has made it so that you can go to a racing track and feel like a racer, and I would have a hard time giving you reasons why you should not ride on the chance to do just the same.