The discerning buyer never makes a purchase blindfolded – even if it’s a Beemer they’re buying. And the average BMW owner is nothing if not discerning! So what do the reviewers say about the 2019 BMW X5? What is new and how does it compare with its predecessors?

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A leap over its predecessor

The Car & Bike team of NDTV says this model is a ‘leap over its predecessors’ in terms of exterior styling, in-cabin comfort and features. The ‘scalable architecture’ of the car makes it easy to switch to all wheel drive from a rear wheel drive. The ‘robust and premium’ looking 4th generation automobile has a very luxurious, with a highly aesthetically done up cabin. The reviewer makes special mention of the faux silver inserts, the crystal finished gear stick and the futuristic a/c vents.

The instrument panel has a floating infotainment screen that is compatible with Android as well as Apple operating system which responds to voice commands and gestures. The leather upholstery looks and feels great and the cabin has a four zone climate control. Other features that make the car a joy to use are the ambient light, screens for rear passengers and futuristic wireless charging ability.

Redefining SUVs

According to the review of the X5, this is the series that put the ‘sport’ in SUVs; which redefined the very term to become the most successful luxury SUV of all time. The car is bigger, with more muscular lines and therefore more imposing than its predecessor, says the reviewer. The seats are comfy and the third row of the 7-seater is very useable, largely because of the electric forward tilting middle row of seats. The review makes special mention of the Sky Lounge (the large panoramic sun roof), with a graphic display of the starlit sky, the ‘silken’ power delivery, the sound and the great off-road ride quality.

Other aspects that come in for positive mentions are the high seat position and the well positioned A-pillars that enhance driver visibility. The in cabin entertainment system boasts 20 speakers and really high end sound and 8 individually selectable perfume to fill up the car with the fragrance of one’s choice. The 8 speed Steptronic auto transmission and intelligent system come in for specific mention because of the way they quickly adapt to driving conditions and driver requirements. In spite of its weight and size, the car is nimble and responsive and well able to insulate people sitting inside from poor road conditions. The vehicle has other features such as the new driver assistance and parking assistance systems, lane change warning and so on. The reviewer seems convinced of a successful launch given the kind of fan flowing that the BMW and the X5 in particular have in India!

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